Statewide Road Mileage Chart

Click HERE for the most recent statewide road mileage chart.

State Aid and Bridge Grant Funds

The following links contain the proposed county distribution of State Aid Road Funds and Bridge Grant funds for Fiscal Year 2012-2013.  Funding for the State Aid program is to be provided in the ratio of 75% state and 25% local match.  The funds appropriated for this program are distributed to each of Tennessee's ninety-five counties by the following formula:

  • 50% Equally
  • 25% Area
  • 25% Total Population


Funding for the Bridge Grant program is to be provided in the ratio of 98% state and 2% local match.  
Click on the links for a county by county breakdown of these program funds.


                            State Aid Program Funds                                                                  Bridge Grant Funds           

                                                                                      Current Bridge Grant Summary by Region


TCHOA received a request from Terry Leatherwood, P.E., Civil Engineering Manager, Structures Division/Bridge Inspection Office within the Tennessee Department of Transportation, to share legislative changes that will cause TDOT to modify some of their practices regarding weight posting of certain bridges.  Specifically, this new legislation makes a number of changes to T.C.A. 55-7-203 and 55-7-205, the statutes which govern the movement of over-weight vehicles under annual permits. 

Attachment 1 is Terry’s initial letter which he requested be distributed to highway officials to make you aware of possible future changes in weight limit posting requirements on certain identified county bridges.  Attachment 2 provides additional information based on my request for additional insight from Terry regarding the TDOT processes, implementation procedures, and the potential impact this could have on county highway departments.  I have taken the liberty of summarizing and paraphrasing Terry’s answers to my questions.  Please read these two attachments very carefully to fully understand how these changes might impact your posting of county bridges in the future.  Please read Attachment 1 first, followed by Attachment 2.